Slippy Feet

4.8 ( 2208 ratings )
Spel Underhållning Action Arkad
Utvecklare: Studio Liddell
0.99 USD

Welcome to the frozen waters of the southern hemisphere, near Antarctica, the setting for this fun, arcade style game; Slippy Feet.

Your task is to control Slippy as he slides and jumps his way around the icebergs found in 12 challenging levels. Day and night this penguin never stops in his efforts to catch every snowflake that ever falls!

Slip, slide and jump back and forth between icebergs, using the unique accelerometer and touch controls. Judge the gaps, time your leaps and grab the snowflakes before the timer runs out then maybe you can get your name on the high score table.

On the way youll earn multiple jumps for the most spectacular leaps! Youll believe a penguin can fly... okay, maybe not - but he can jump pretty high!


12 Antarctic themed levels
Tilt accelerometer controls
Touch activated low and high jumps
Colourful 3d graphics
High score table
Multiple jump powerups
Gentle learning curve

But beware - its addictive!

Easy to learn, fun to play… but difficult to master. So tilt your device, its time to grab some arcade action with Slippy Feet.

*OS 3.x compatible version with additional features now available.

Slippy Feet was designed, developed and produced wholly by Studio Liddell Limited (c) Copyright 2009.